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Pain is a symptom of some underlying problem, just like a smoke alarm is a symptom of a fire. Would it be better to cover up the smoke alarm or put out the fire? Many people treat the symptoms of pain with pain pills which can have dangerous side effects including stomach ulcers, intestinal bleeding, kidney damage, addiction and death.

After a thorough evaluation we will explain what is causing your pain, how to reduce your pain and restore function while minimizing or eliminating the use of dangerous drugs or surgery.Stop living with pain and call us for an appointment today!

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Compassionate care; excellent results ! I look forward to monthly adjustment and traction to keep me moving. Thank you Dr. Todd and staff ;-)

Cathy S.

Not one of "THOSE" chiros that make you come for unnnecessary treatments.

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Wellness & Take Shape for Life

April 2014

I just wanted to share a bit about my experiences over the past year with Dr. Lou and Angi. With the monthly wellness appointments, I am feeling much better and moving with more ease and confidence. With the Take Shape for Life weight loss program and Angi’s support as my Health Coach, I have lost 69 pounds to date and have a realistic goal of only 25 more pounds to go. On a recent trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario I was able to walk the distance between the falls and then on to the restaurant at Table Rock! I am also taking a Yoga class for seniors and I even surprise myself each week with my progress. Thank you so much Dr. Lou and Angi


Glucosamine Sulfate

August 2013

I am now a "religious" glucosamine sulfate user. I have been for 8 years. About 3 years ago, I thought I could live without using it and also benefit from not paying for it. I thought I was "ok" without it. That same summer I did a lot of yard work not only for me but others as well. I soon found out I had made a big mistake. I woke up one morning in excruciating pain and found myself needing Dr. Lou's help. Not long after being treated I realized my problem could very well be because I took myself off of the glucosamine. I was right and I was back on it again and soon right as rain in body. I am now 60 and my life was changed by family members moving back with us and we found ourselves changing our home into a duplex. As a result we moved 12 rooms of heavy furniture to accomodate the life change. I couldn't have done the move if I had not been on the glucosamine sulfate. Yes I had sore muscles from the heavy lifting, but I would take that over being on Dr. Lou's traction table, even though that felt wonderful. I will never take myself off of the glucosamine sulfate again. It not only helps me perform, but I was able to be a help to my husband and family as well.


The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

July 2013

On May 3, 2011 I was diagnosed with a "large right posterolateral disc herniation at L4-5 causing impression on the right side of the thecal sac". Upon hearing this news, I was certain I was heading for surgery once again because several years before, I had the same problem with my L3-4 disc which resulted in surgery. My Orthopedic Surgeon said that there was a chance for the disc to slide back in place with therapy and suggested either Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Therapy.

I decided to go with Chiropractic. In my search, I discovered Chippewa Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Louis D'Amico - AKA Dr. Lou. I liked the fact that Dr. Lou was a pharmacist prior to becoming a Chiropractor. His knowledge in the world of pharmacy was a welcome to me. He was able to give me the pros and cons in treating someone whether it be through prescribed medications or therapy.

Dr. Lou set me up on a twice a week program of traction, electrical stimulation and systematic adjustments, along with home exercise and a proper diet.

Now, I am in the best shape of my life. The best part is my back is virtually pain free. And more importantly... NO SURGERY!!! Thanks Dr. Lou!!


Benefits of Using Supplements

June 2013

On Dr. D'Amico's advice, I began taking Turmeric supplements daily. I knew about turmeric because my husband used it daily. Taking it regularly seemed to alleviate back discomfort and knee pain especially at night. When I took it right before bedtime, I seemed to relax and sleep better. I'm glad I found a natural substance that helps me rest at night.


Low Back Pain

May 2013

After pinching a nerve in my lower back and suffering for two or three weeks, I decided that it wasn't goping to correct itself and sought help. Upon entering Chippewa Chiropractic Clinic, a course of therapy was established and carried out over a span of 3 to 4 weeks. During this time, progress was positive and the final result was no more pain. Dr. D'Amico and his support staff are top notch professionals that I would recommend to my friends and family.



May 2013

I was living with moderate to severe arthritis pain in my neck and went to Dr. Lou when I couldn't stand the chronic headaches any longer. Within 4 weeks I noticed a remarkable difference after regular treatments of traction, heat and manipulation. I am encouraged that with exercise and glucosamine tablets I will continue to strengthen the muscles and only feel the arthritis pain occasionally.


Neck Pain

April 2013

I came to Dr. D'Amico with severe neck pain. He was able to work out the tight knots through adjustments and pressure points. He gave me exercises and stretches to do as homework, which only took minutes out of my day. I went from having a pain level of 10 down to zero pain in only a matter of weeks. Dr. D'Amico is the best and I highly recommend him!!

Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident

April 2013

I came to Dr. Lou after being involved in an auto accident. I had severe neck and lower back pain, and also pain across my chest where the seatbelt was. After several treatments and special exercises, I am now back to normal. Prior to the accident, I would walk 4 miles of hilly terrain twice a week. After the accident, I was unable to do my hills. Dr. Lou worked on my back and set me on a schedule of flat walking then graduated to my hills. I am now back to normal and my hills plus Curves and kickboxing. Thank you Dr. Lou & Angi!


Laser Therapy

March 2013

While "suffering" from a second fracture of one of my metatarsals I was concerned about poor healing. My surgeon stated the fracture was in a place with poor blood supply. Dr. D’Amico suggested Laser Therapy to augment healing. After 3-4 weeks of therapy I have felt significant improvement and I am optimistic that the fracture is healed. This would be an improvement over expectations.


Overall Experience

March 2013

I am very well pleased with my care at Chippewa Chiropractic Clinic. All the information I need has been given to me carefully and any questions have been addressed. The best part of my treatment is that the office is always calm and running smoothly. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes to see Dr. Lou. None of the staff ever seem rushed. If you have pain and feel lousy, this is a good place to come get better.


Chiroflow Pillow

March 2013

I wanted to let you know the Chiroflow pillow you recommended I try is the best pillow I have ever used/owned. As I mentioned I have been using my current pillow for 30 years and have tried about 10 replacement pillows to no avail. This is the first and only pillow that has been able to replace my favorite pillow. Thanks again for your recommendation!


Laser Therapy

May 2012

One day at work, I tripped and fell forward, which might not seem too serious to some people, but resulted in a compression fracture to my T6 vertebrae. At the young age of 54, I suffer with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia; combined they make my days and nights difficult, to say the least. Combined with the compression fracture, it was all I could do to just be able to function at work. Doctor Lou has always been able to help me with adjustments and stim treatments; however, this time he suggested laser therapy. I have to be honest; I was skeptical and considered not doing it. Then I thought about the trip to Florida I had scheduled and just the thought of 16 hours in the car feeling the way I did, convinced me to agree to (3) treatments (figured after three, I would see if they really worked! LOL)

After my first laser therapy, I felt that the 15 minutes couldn’t possibly have made a difference. I didn’t notice anything until after work the next day when I realized I wasn’t in as much pain as I had been since the injury. I kept telling myself to not jump to conclusions, to wait until the next treatment which was two days after the first. Well, after the second treatment, I couldn’t wait for the third, just knowing how good I felt!

So, now it has been a week after my three treatments and I am passing out flyers to all my friends and family … praising Dr. Lou and his wonderful Laser Therapy! Dr. Lou said that the compression fracture would take 6 weeks to heal; but the laser therapy certainly did speed up the recovery time! It was worth the $15/treatment out of pocket expense. Now I need to work on getting my Human Resource contact to see if our health insurance carrier will consider covering this someday! (Yes, I already gave her a flyer as well … the therapy certainly saved the County a lot of money in doctor bills!!)

Please let everyone know that this laser therapy is the real deal!

Thanks to Doc and his awesome wife / staff!


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Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident

April 2013

I came to Dr. Lou after being involved in an auto accident. I had severe neck and lower back pain, and also pain across my chest where the seatbelt was. After several treatments and special exercises, I am now back to normal. Prior to the accident, I would walk 4 miles of hilly terrain twice a week. After the accident, I was unable to do my hills. Dr. Lou worked on my back and set me on a schedule of flat walking then graduated to my hills. I am now back to normal and my hills plus Curves and kickboxing. Thank you Dr. Lou & Angi!


Muscle Spasms

April 2012

On March 25th I sustained an injury to my left rib cage. X-rays showed that I hadn't broken any ribs; however, they were very bruised. The doctor told me that a bruised bone could take as long to heal as a broken one. A couple days later, I developed a pain in my left flank area (around the kidney). I returned to my primary care physician and was prescribed percocet for pain, a urine test and a KUB (x-ray to see if I had kidney a stone) were ordered. Test results came back negative for a kidney stone and the kidneys were functioning normal. The following day, the pain in my left flank area elevated to a pain that even with pain medication did not work, I was very uncomfortable and went to an urgent care office (since the doctor's office was closed). They too thought it was a kidney stone and I was given a shot of Toradol for pain. Now with percocet and Toradol in my system, the pain was reduced but not gone (3 on a scale of 1 to 10), the tests results came back negative for a kidney stone, and blood test showed that everything was functioning normal.

The following morning, still very much in pain, I called Chippewa Chiropractic and told them of my situation. I was told to bring in my x-rays and Dr. Lou would examine me to see if there was anything he could do for me. After a thorough examination, Dr. Lou diagnosed me with a muscle spasm between my free floating ribs. After some A.R.T. therapy and cold laser treatments on both my flank area and bruised ribs, I walked out of the office feeling 50% better. This meant I didn't have to take any more pain medication. After the third visit, I was completely healed of pain as a result of the treatments. Dr. Lou fixed the problem, instead of just medicating the symptom. I had instantaneous results without medication; this allowed me to return to work faster. I am very appreciative of the care and treatment that I recieved at Chippewa Chiropractic; I would highly recommend them to everyone.


Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

June 2011

I am a 56 year old female that was diagnosed with frozen shoulder syndrome about November of 2010. For about a month I had severe pain in my shoulder when reaching over my head or across my body. I thought I tore my rotator cuff. I started babying it because I didn't want to damage it further. It progressively got worse so that I was in constant pain. I couldn't even sleep at night. I went to an orthopedic doctor who put me in therapy. which did nothing. He also put me on pain medication. After 2 weeks of therapy he surgically manipulated my shoulder & I continued therapy immediately to regain movement. I was in so much pain it was unbearable. The therapy inflamed my arm so bad that I started having muscle spasms in my arm in addition to the shoulder pain.

Someone suggested I try Dr. D'Amico at Chippewa Chiropractic Clinic. I was told he specialized in the Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. I was afraid to go because I had never been to a chiropractor before and I couldn't figure out how "cracking my bones" was going to help my shoulder. I was in so much pain and not sleeping that I decided to try. Dr. D'Amico was very patient and understanding with me. I learned more about Frozen Shoulder Syndrome in 1 day than the entire time I had been suffering with it. He made me feel at ease with my fears and was not overly aggressive in his treatment. After 1 session I could raise my arm significantly more. I started feeling more at ease with each session and he was able to do more each time. My progress has been remarkable. He also put me on a therapy regimen with Sue, the therapist in his practice. She was very knowledgable and thorough in her explanations on the therapy.

I no longer take pain medication, I can sleep at night and my shoulder rotation is almost back to normal. I know it sounds silly but I feel like it is a miracle. I never thought I would be this far along in such a short time. I wish I would have taken this route sooner and would not have suffered so long.

I encourage and highly recommend you try Dr. D'Amico's program if you are suffering from this syndrome.

Rochester, PA

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

October 2009

I am a 79 year old woman diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. When I went to see Dr. D'Amico, I could not raise my right arm above my waist because of the pain in my shoulder. I had been in some pain since July that kept getting worse as time went by. After the first treatment and before I left the office (Chippewa Chiropractic Clinic), I could raise my arm above my head. I couldn't believe it - What a great surprise!! And no pain. I would recommend Dr. D'Amico to anyone.


Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

I have spent the last 10 to 15 years on a roller coaster when it comes to the way I feel each day. Getting up in the morning was always a chore. For several years I just stayed in bed and my husband got up, got his own breakfast, and went to work. I would finally get up at 10 a.m. and feel miserable the rest of the day. In the year 2000, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a C-pap machine. I improved to the point that I could get up with my husband each morning, but I still just didn't "feel good" during the day.

I tried dieting and walking. I was successful in losing 30lbs and was so proud of myself, however, it didn't last. Before long I was right back where I had started...feeling tired and miserable and gaining weight. My legs ached all the time and I had an "I don't care attitude". Usually, if I did manage to get out of my robe and slippers and work in the yard or even in the house, I would pay the next day with muscle pain and stiffness.

About 18 months ago, I had one of my frequent episodes of lower back pain and a friend suggested I see Dr. Lou D'Amico at Chippewa Chiropractic Clinic. As I was being treated for my back pain, Doc could see that I had other problems. (I guess it was pretty obvious, since I actually cried on the treatment table). But through all this, he seemed genuinely interested in how I was feeling and actually believed there could be a physical cause for my symptoms.

At that point, early Feb. 2008, I began to learn about a tool known as a metabolic profile. I had majored in Biology in college and even though it was over 40 yrs ago, I understood the basics of the doctor's explanation of how it works. I knew that for one's body to operate efficiently that things have to happen on a cellular level. Energy (of which I had very little) comes from chemical reactions in the body, as does detoxification, hormonal balance, neural responses, etc. Successful metabolism keeps all these reactions in perfect balance. When out of balance, health problems often arise.

A metabolic profile is a test done on blood and urine samples to measure the efficiency of how our bodies utilize the nutrients we take in through the food we eat. My profile showed significant problems with energy production caused by vitamin B insufficiency, problems with detoxification and bacterial imbalance in the intestines.

There are specific dietary supplements, which, when taken in the proper doses can help greatly to enhance the metabolic processes. My life has significantly improved since I began taking supplements recommended by the study. I have been working a lot more in our family business as well as working out regularly at a local wellness center. My mood has greatly improved and I've lost a few pounds just from being more active. My food cravings have also decreased which is helping stabilize my weight gain. I am very thankful for my discovery!!

S. W.
Chippewa Twp.

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