Spinal Decompression

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What Is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is an injury that typically causes back pain. The pain caused by this particular injury is usually felt around the lower back, but it can reach up to your cervical spine.

Beyond causing pain, your bulging disc may also cause increased stiffness, muscle weakness, and numbness along your extremities. Tingling sensations may also replace the numbness.

If you’re wondering why you’re currently struggling with the symptoms of a herniated disc, there are numerous possible explanations.

First, the aforementioned injury can be the byproduct of wear and tear. Aging makes the discs in your spine less flexible. As those spinal discs become stiffer, they become more susceptible to rupturing. 

You can also get a herniated disc from a traumatic injury.

Is your back still hurting weeks after you were involved in a car accident? That is likely because the impact caused a disc in your spine to slip out of position.

This type of injury is also something people may sustain from a bad fall or lifting something heavy.

Regardless of how you sustained your herniated disc, you must treat it immediately. Spinal decompression can be the solution for that injury.

Try spinal decompression therapy in Beaver Falls, PA, after scheduling an appointment with Dr. D’Amico of Chippewa Chiropractic Clinic.

How Does Spinal Decompression Help with a Herniated Disc?

Spinal decompression is a treatment you should ask about if you’re dealing with a herniated disc.

For those unfamiliar with spinal decompression, it involves the chiropractor gently stretching your spine. The stretching motions involved in spinal decompression are the critical elements of treatment. By stretching your spine, the chiropractor can effectively alleviate the pressure on your ruptured spinal disc.

On top of that, the stretching motions also create negative pressure. The negative pressure allows the slipped disc to retract. Once the spinal disc returns to its healthy position, the symptoms you’ve been experiencing should gradually disappear. The pain, stiffness, muscle weakness, and numbness should eventually fade until you feel normal again.

The movements created by spinal decompression are also critical for promoting proper recovery. The negative pressure also causes nutrients to flood the area around your herniated disc. The nutrients will allow your spinal disc to heal faster.

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