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Chiroflow Pillows


Adequate sleep is essential for proper health.  People who do not sleep well suffer from brain fog, fatigue, and an overall poor quality of life.  Sleep is the time when your body repairs itself from everything you did to it that particular day.  If we consistently deny ourselves adequate rest our whole system begins to break down.  It has been shown scientifically that sleep deprivation is more dangerous to our cognitive skills than alcohol. The Chiroflow pillow may be the missing link in your ability to get a restful night's sleep.

This pillow is a unique combination of a hypoallergenic foam pillow and a water bladder. The water bladder allows you to customize the firmness of this pillow to your size and comfort. It is one of the most comfortable pillows you will ever own. When you lie on your back, the back of your head pushes into the pillow displacing the water to create a gentle roll for the back of your neck, allowing your neck and upper back muscles to relax. Because there is no preformed roll in this pillow, when you lie on your side, it feels just like a normal foam pillow. This pillow is especially suited for patients who awaken with neck pain and stiffness, have trouble sleeping due to neck and upper back pain, or have chronic headaches.

Chiroflow pillows were also studied at Johns Hopkins University and at Logan Chiropractic College. Research showed that people who slept on this pillow had improved sleep and decreased neck pain.  I have sold over a thousand of these pillows and sleep on one myself.  Many patients end up purchasing more pillows for the rest of their family!

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