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Auto Injury

Auto accidents, even ones with relatively little visible damage to the automobile, can cause significant injuries to the neck and spine. Symptoms can occur right at the accident, however, many times they worsen over the next few days as inflammation sets in. Hospital emergency room physicians are only concerned with serious life-threatening injuries and typically refer patients to their medical doctor. Most times medical doctors will treat these types of injuries with dangerous pain medications that can cause significant side effects and which only mask the symptoms.

At the Chippewa Chiropractic Clinic we will evaluate your injuries and design a specific care plan for you that will help decrease or eliminate your pain, restore your function, and put you back on a path toward optimal wellness. Also, in Pennsylvania, your insurance rates are not affected by the need for medical care. So there is no reason not to be evaluated.

Don’t delay! If you have been injured in an automobile accident, give our office a call at 724-843-72545 and let’s start the healing process immediately!

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